We refine Springfield’s brusque history of shootouts, vigilantes, and whiskey payouts to the smooth finish of Ozark independence. As Springfield’s first and only spirit house, Missouri Spirits offers you a glimpse into the heart of Missouri with every glass.

“We built Missouri Spirits to give Springfield Spirit drinkers a place to call their own. Springfield has had great beer for over 16 years, now it's time we have great spirits."

Scott Shotts, Founder


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About Us

We’re Springfield’s first and only spirit house. And this is not a position we take lightly. Each spirit is meticulously crafted to be a celebration of Missouri. From midwest-grown ingredients to locally-made barrels, we pour some of what we call home into each batch.

Missouri Spirits is a place for local spirit drinkers to call their own. As a young and growing spirit house, our story begins with you.

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